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Create a new message

To create a new message select Messages > Messaging Apps > Messages > New message and select the channel you want to use to send your message, choosing between Facebook and Telegram.

First of all, enter the message name


The message editor allows you to compose the message using various elements, including text, text and button, image, video, audio, and file. To insert a new element in the template, select the content you want to add from the list on the left. Use the commands to delete or move the content in the layout.


To insert an image, a video, an audio file or a file, drag the content into the item or upload it.

Text and button

The "text and button" element allows you to insert a text followed by one or more buttons in the message.


Use the "Postback" button to create a button that, when clicked, allows you to perform an action (eg registration, unsubscription). The postback value must match the keyword entered on the Settings page. In the example below, we have created a button that allows users to unsubscribe from your communications.

Send a test message

To send a test, select the channel, add at least one test subscriber and then select "Send test".


Once the changes are complete, you can:

  • save the message in the Messages list (Messages > Messaging Apps > Messages),
  • send it.

Send or schedule


Use the left column to select the channel you want to send the message from. Once the sender has been selected, the message can be sent immediately, by selecting the "Send now" button or scheduled.

In the case of scheduled sending, after selecting the time zone, date and time, click on "Schedule".

Once the submission is queued and/or scheduled, the message is automatically moved to the Campaigns tab. 

From now on the message is frozen and can no longer be changed.

The action menu on the right allows you to:

  • create a copy, so that you can find the message again in the Messages tab and be able to edit,
  • delete the message.

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