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Direct contact from admin tool

If you encounter a problem while using the console:

  • Click the Help button to the right of each page
  • Fill in the fields indicated in the form that opens, considering the urgency and impact of your request
  • Check the status of the ticket, after you receive the confirmation email that our team has received the ticket

How to fill out the form fields

  • What's wrong: summarise the type of issue that you have
  • How can we help: describe in details the issue, tell us in which section of the admin tool you are having the issue and what is blocking you to do your work with MailUp. Please also indicate the message id or the list id in case you have multiple lists
  • Name: your name
  • Email: your email address where you will receive updates on the ticket
  • Impact: select the impact of the issue (I can work, I have difficulties working, I can't work)
  • Attachments: add a screenshot of the issue, it helps us to better solve the issue 
  • Urgency: add the urgency saying if you need some information or if it's critical (eg. you can't work)

Contact by email

If you can not get into the console, you can contact the Support Team by writing an email to:

Phone support

If you want to receive support by phone check our What kind of Support can I subscribe to?


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