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Grow your email list with smart pop-up subscription forms

PadiAct helps you get more email leads and subscribers into your MailUp account. Just configure a few settings in the friendly Padiact admin tools (MailUp is "built-in"), target the right visitors using a variety of engagement rules (e.g. how many pages they have seen), and choose a cool pop-up to display to Web site visitors when those rules are matched.

The pop-up window will capture your visitors' attention and turn them into subscribers. And it's free to start!

Getting started with MailUp & Padiact

Let's see how easy it is to grows email subscribers with Padiact and MailUp. 

Get started by creating a PadiAct account by registering here.

On this page...



Once you are logged-in click on Define Campaign to create your first campaign

Select MailUp

Select MailUp as your Email Provider and click on Continue.

In the future, we plan on making these initial setup steps even easier by building the connection to Padiact right into your MailUp admin console.

Target your Web site visitors

Select who you want to ask to subscribe to your newsletters. Target those visitors that are most likely to subscribe by setting up simple rules such as:

  • People that are: New visitors vs. Returning visitors
  • People that visit at least: xx pages on your website
  • Target people: Only once / On each visit / On every page views

For more settings click the Add rule button. For example another interesting rule you might want to use is: People spending more than 10 seconds on your website

You can find complete details on setting up engagement rules in the Padiact documentation at

Connect PadiAct to MailUp

Linking a MailUp list to a Padiact campaign

Let PadiAct collect subscribers for you and tell it to send all their details directly to MailUp. You can create different campaigns in PadiAct, and link them to different lists in MailUp.

Here are the steps to take.

1) Click on Connect to MailUp

2) Enter your MailUp account username and password and click on Log On. These are the credentials that you use to log into your MailUp admin console.

Be aware that the loading time while setting up your campaign might be a bit long. The reason is Padiact retrieves several pieces of information from MailUp: list, gropus, fields...

3) After PadiAct and MailUp are connected, you will now see the following data from your MailUp account:

  • List: select the List in your MailUp account that new subscribers will be added to.
  • Group: create (In MailUp) and select (in Padiact) a group (e.g. Padiact subscribers) that will allow you to track how many subscribers you are getting via the PadiAct's popup.
  • Fields: select which fields to use on the subscription pup-up window. The data will be added to the corresponding recipient fields in MailUp.

To re-order the fields in the subscription pop-up simply drag and drop them. In the example above First Name will be shown as the first field.

Also be aware that First Name is actually what is shown in the field. You can change this by changing the name of the field in MailUp. In the future, Padiact will allow the field name to be changed directly in Padiact.

Click on the icon to set more rules on each field (e.g. whether a field is required or not)

Subscription type

Finally, you can choose whether to use a confirmed or non-confirmed subscription type, also called single or double opt-in. The best practice in email marketing is to use double opt-in, asking recipients to confirm that they wish to subscribe to your emails.

This ensures that all the email addresses in your list were indeed opted in, and that there are no spam traps, invalid addresses, etc. We strongly recommend that you adopt this best practice.

Define a convincing message to attract subscribers

1) Choose the look and feel of your pop-up

  • Type: Left to right slider, Bottom slider, Pop-up overlay
  • Style: Default, Black mail, Good old mail (see a preview below of the 3 different styles)

2) Finish the settings of the remaining options such as: Title, Why subscribe, check or uncheck the Terms of conditions, what to dispay for the Subscribe button label and finally the Thank you / Privacy field

FYI: in the future, Padiact will allow much more advanced controls on the look & feel of the pop-up window.

3) Now that you have setup all the options make your campaign Active and click on SAVE


To activate your campaign, you have to validate the PadiAct JavaScript code. To do so, click on the Validate link that appears after you click on Active, copy the code (see screenshot below), and paste it into your website (e.g. you can place it in the footer of your Web site, right before your Google Analytics tracking code). Click on the Validate button after you have placed the code into your website to confirm that everything is working properly.

How does it look?

Below you can see the Padiact pop-up in action on one of our demo Web sites (it's a demo store that uses our MailUp Extension for Magento). 

To see, a live demo click here.

Is it free?

Padiact is free for to up 50 subscribers per month, and then pretty inexpensive after that. To check out more about prices click here.

Current limitations

There are a few limitations in the use of Padiact and MailUp, but don't worry (wink), work is under way both on the MailUp and the Padiact side to bring  you an even stronger solution.

Here are a few known limitations.

Field type

The email acquisition form in Padiact supports MailUp's recipient fields, but it does not allow the user to:

  • Rename the field (e.g. label in MailUp is not user friendly)
  • Define the field type (e.g. a date for the "Wedding Anniversary" field)

The Padiact team is working on new features to allow much more granular control on forms fields.

Form design

Padiact users can choose from some cool, default layouts, but customizing the layout is not easy. This is also being worked on by the Padiact team.

For now, to create a custom subscription form, please see:

Technical support

For technical support on using Padiact, please see:

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