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The To download the MailUp RubyGem is currently being worked on, and will be released soon. This document will be updated with the gem is released., please visit:

titleBETA release
Pleast note that this is a BETA release. If you find any issues, please post them here:


You will need to create a MailUp account in order to use the API. Once you have created your account, follow these instructions to activate the API for your account, so that you can get your API username and password. (Please note that the username/password required to access the API is different than the username/password used to access your MailUp account.)


Code Block
m ='username', 'password')
# Returns supported API methods:
# => [... :get_id_user, :get_lists_user, :get_lists, :get_groups, :get_templates, :get_newsletters ...]
This section is under construction.