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2017-05 Import details, sending history & SMS APIs update

  • There are now new methods to retrieve information about the status of an import task, details about a completed task, and a list of all import tasks. More details here.
  • With MailUp you can send the same message many times. The SendHistory method now returns both the message ID and the ID of the individual mailings. More details here.
  • New methods to retrieve the subscription status of SMS subscribers individually or at the list level, and to perform bulk SMS unsubscribe. More details here.

2017-04 List CRUD, M-list subscription status & SMS credit balance

  • There are now new methods that make it easier to manage Lists: quickly create a new List, get all the List details, delete a List that's no longer needed. More details here.
  • Need to manage a recipient's subscription status across multiple lists? Now you can check the current status and unsubscribe across lists. More details here.
  • Do you use our APIs to send text messages? The updates to the account "details" method now include a key figure: the SMS credit balance. More details here.

2017-03 Verified FROM emails, send to multiple groups & new import options

  • A new method allows you to add a new, verified FROM email. A verification request message is sent automatically to the new address. More details here.
  • You can now send a campaign to multiple groups at once, both including and excluding groups for maximum flexibility in segmenting a list. More details here.
  • When importing recipients, you now have more options with regard to group(s) assignment. You can also reset a recipient profile (empty fields). More details here.
  • New import features (reset group assignments, reset recipient fields) also when importing SMS subscribers. The API has tons of SMS-focused features. More details here.

2015-05 New transactional email API & updated SMTP relay