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  • REST API v. 1.0, mainly used by previous version of the Salesforce connector, was discontinued on Sep 30th. All the customers using it have been informed in advance and invited to migrate their client or to update their Saleforce connector

  • Unused developer accounts will be discontinued (and deleted) starting from Sep 30th. Account owners have been informed in advance, some of them asked to keep their accounts. All the requests have been accepted and this breaking change was a chance for us to link the owner of a developer account to its production account.Since the REST API has finally covered all the feature set of the SOAP API, we can set the REST as the only featured API. Due to the large number of customers using it, we cannot deprecate the SOAP API. We simply mark it as were discontinued on Sep 30th

  • The SOAP API is now marked as "no longer recommended to use if you are starting a new project or planning to extend an existing one". REST API covers the feature set of the SOAP API.

  • Access tokens must now be refreshed every hour either for SOAP or REST (it was 15' for the REST API). As the SOAP API is now using the same Authorization methods as the REST API, the expiration of the validity time is now the only way to dismiss a token and to deny the access. Any call to “logout” SOAP methods has become useless.