Product recommendations in email

Product recommendations can deliver a significant return on the investment when done right. Our partner 4-Tell is an expert in this field, and their experience has shown that introducing personalized product recommendations in emails can provide a substantial increase in clicks and conversions.

Increase visits and conversions

Read about it in the blog post that introduced the integration between MailUp and 4-Tell:


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What you need

To take advantage of personalized product recommendations in your MailUp-powered emails, you will need:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

How it works

Configuring product recommendations in the 4-Tell dashboard

If you need any help, please contact the 4-Tell team. They're happy to help.

In a nutshell:

Just give the 4-Tell team a call and they'll help you get all set up!

Using the HTML code in MailUp

Once you have the HTML code generated for MailUp by the 4-Tell system, you will simply:

Here is an example of live, personalized product recommendations in a MailUp message built using one of MailUp's fashion templates.


Other notes

We talked about the integration between 4-Tell and MailUp in a blog post in the fall of 2013.

MailUp customers that sign up for the 4-Tell service can get 50% off the first month of service. So testing out whether it can really increase your sales can be very inexpensive!