January 2019: Switch off version 1.1

September 2018: Switch off version 1.0

June 2018: All the methods related to any version of this service (v.1.0 and v.1.1) have been deprecated and no longer supported.


MailUpService is a family of special web service interfaces that have been developed to extend satisfy special needs. These interfaces that can be accessible with SOAP, REST (beta) or REST/JSONP

Availble sevices are designed to.


If you are interested in using MailUpService you should be aware that

Authenticationlogin and logout
FiltersManage MailUp filters
GroupsManage MailUp groups
RecipientsManage recipients (e.g. import, subscribe, get reports...)
EmailsManage email messages (e.g. create, retrieve and send email messages)
SMSManage text messages (e.g. create, retrieve and send SMS)



CreateAdd a new item
ReadRetrieve one or more existing items (or extract specific information from them)
UpdateEdit an existing item
DeleteRemove an existing item