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Custom rows are pre-filled rows of content ready to be used.

Content available in custom rows is retrieved through Sources created using a link (RSS/ATOM feed) or by uploading a .csv or .json file.

Please note that to use custom rows in your communications designed with the BEE editor, you need to have at least one source available. To know how to create a new content source, read this page > Sources

Each new source, once saved, is automatically added in the editor, showing up to 30 custom rows.

To use custom rows, click on the drop-down menu in the Structure area and select the source you want to retrieve content from. To insert a new custom row in your message, simply drag and drop the content in your template. Each message can contain custom rows recovered from different sources. 

 After having added the custom row in your template you can:

  • edit title and summary
  • edit CTA button, modifying color and text
  • make images smaller or add some paddings


Watch the tutorial:


Titles, summaries, images, and links are automatically retrieved from the source.
If you'd like to modify one of this info we advise you to edit the source. Check the section "What content does MailUp look for?" if your source was created using an RSS/ATOM feed. Or the section "How to set the .csv file?" in case of .csv file.

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