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When you send a message with MailUp - either from the MailUp platform, via SMTP+, or via the API - you can insert a link to allow the recipient to quickly subscribe to another list.

When to use it

This is useful when you've created a new list and want to let your customers/readers be able to quickly subscribe to it.

For example, imagine a scenario when:

  • Your company launches a new product or service and wants to offer existing customers a way to keep up-to-date on it (e.g. Click here for product updates
  • Your marketing team launches a new blog, and wants to let readers of the existing blog know that they can sign up for blog updates (e.g. Click here for product updates
  • You wish to cross-market your main newsletter in an event-specific message  (e.g. Like what we do? Sign up for our newsletter with one click
  • You want to cross-market a specific list from your main newsletter  (e.g. Sign up to receive free ebooks
  • You use MailUp as your SMTP server, and want to add a one-click subscribe to your newsletter in the footer/signature of your messages.

How it works

The person that clicks on the link:

  1. Is automatically added to the list: no need to take them to a subscription form!
  2. Will see the Messages page, which can be fully customized.
  3. Will need to confirm the subscription (confirmed opt-in) to avoid any chances of unauthorized addition of a subscriber (if you need to disable confirmed opt-in, please contact us).
  4. May or may not receive a welcome email. It's up to you.

In the MailUp console, open the message that you wish to edit.

  • Select the word(s) to turn into a link (e.g. Subscribe to our Crazy Specials newsletter with 1 click)
  • Insert this URL after the http://
  • In the code...
    • [admin.console.domain] is the domain of your MailUp admin console.
    • list=7: the number 7 here is the ID of the list. Replace it with the ID of your list (an integer)
    • email: this dynamic tag insert the recipient's email. Use it as indicated above.
    • group=10,20,30: this is optional, if you want to assign the new recipient to one or more specific groups in that list. You can find the Group IDs in the Codes table.
  • The code defaults to a confirmed opt-in subscription method (a best practice). If you have reasons to believe that in your business scenario this should be turned off, please contact us.
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