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With MailUp 8.8.1 you can now schedule A/B tests.

Go to Messages > Email > Send > New A/B test or A/B tests tabs to get started with A/B testing.


After you have selected the messages for your test...

...and selected your recipients

you are now able to schedule your test in the future:

In the Test message scheduling area, select:

  • the timezone
  • the date and time which the test will start


In the Winner message scheduling area, decide the amount of time after which the winner of your test is picked. In the above example, the winner message will be sent 3 hours after the scheduling is terminated 2015-04-20 23:20.


Check A/B tests

At any time in your Send > A/B tests page you can check the status of your A/B tests.

The icons let you know about each status, for example:

Test mailing queued
Test mailing started
Setting up test mailing





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