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MailUp App for Facebook

We've built a new, flexible email and SMS subscription app for your Facebook pages. You can find it at

With the new MailUp App for Facebook, you can:

  • Add an email and/or SMS sign up form to your Facebook page(s)
  • Pick which fields to show on the form
  • Set which type of fields they should be (drop-down, text, radio buttons, etc.)
  • Pick which MailUp list subscribers will be added to
  • Collect more precise subscription preferences using groups (e.g. Send me updates on: "Running", "Tennis", "Skiing")
  • Add a hero image and background image to set the right "look & feel" for the page


The App for Facebook is free for all MailUp users.

Browser Compatibility

We strongly recommend using Chrome or Firefox to set up the app.

Does your Facebook app work on mobile?

Like any Facebook app, ours is limited to desktop usage. For your mobile visitors, we recommend adding a call to action and linking it to an existing subscription form created in MailUp, or to a page of your site that hosts a subscription form.

On this page...

How it works


Facebook page tabs, such as our App, are available only for pages with a fan base greater than or equal to 2,000.

This change is live since February 2018 and does not affect pages that started using MailUp App for Facebook previously.

Allowing the MailUp app to connect

The first step is to go to and connect your Facebook account with the MailUp App for Facebook. Don't worry, the app will not post anything on your Facebook timeline. It will only publish the email subscription form that you will create to the Facebook tab that you will select, and only when you are ready to do so.

When you see this screen, click on Connect to proceed.

The system will prompt you to select which of the pages for which you are an administrator you want to use. The new email subscription form will become a new tab on the selected page.

If you manage multiple pages, you can add the app multiple times, once to per page that you manage. You cannot add the app twice to the same page (i.e. you cannot create two new tabs for the same page).

Click on Add Page Tab to continue.

The page will reload and will show a link to the page that you selected. Click on it and select the new tab on the page to start working on the form.

Connecting the App to your MailUp account

Next, the system will ask you to connect the App to your MailUp account:

  • Enter the credentials that you normally use to log into your MailUp account.
  • If you don't have a MailUp account, sign up for MailUp free trial account. You can use a free trial account to connect, as long as it has not expired.
  • Select the language for the App (you can later select a different language for the subscription form if needed)
  • Click Log in to connect to your MailUp account

Choosing the list

The App will now connect to your MailUp account and retrieve several pieces of information:

Select the recipient list to which you wish to add those that will subscribe to your communications using this new form. Next, choose if you want to collect emails, mobile numbers or both. You can change this setting at any time.

Building the form

The App now has all the information it needs: you can start building your new subscription form!

Form configuration

Click on the form settings icon at the top-right corner of the form to configure a few form settings.

Form settings include:

  • Language: pick the language to be used on the form. For example, you may speak English, but you may be adding a form to your Spanish-speaking Facebook page. Supported languages:
    • French
    • English
    • Italian
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • More languages may be added in the future.
  • Header image: this image will be displayed at the top of the form. Supported file format: jpeg, png. Recommended Size: 1100x300 px
  • Background image: this image will be displayed behind the form, filling up the Facebook tab. Supported file formats: .jpg, .png | Recommended Size: 1100x800 px

Field settings

You can now select which fields you wish to include in your form. The email field is added by default and cannot be removed. It is also a required field.

For each field you add to the form:

  • Click on the field label to edit the label text (e.g. "First name")
  • Click on the field itself to edit the placeholder text (e.g. "Enter your first name").
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit the field properties

What is this icon for?Use
Reorder fields on the form by clicking on the icon and dragging the selected field in the new position.
Use the delete button to delete a previously added field.
Use the pencil button to edit a field's properties.

By clicking the pencil button you can:

  • Choose if the field is required
  • Select a default international prefix (only for mobile number field)
  • Select the field type, choosing from a variety of options: radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown, text, and date
  • ...if you select radio buttons, checkboxes or drop-down style you will have an extra step to define the field options

When adding field options to the checkboxes, dropdown, and radio buttons field types:

  • Enter the label to be shown (this is also the value that will be saved to the MailUp field when the form is submitted and that option has been selected)
  • Drag and drop options to a new position to re-order them
  • Add new options or save the existing list of options

Group settings

Use the groups' settings to use MailUp groups on the form. Groups can be:

  • Visible 
  • Invisible

Visible groups allow you to ask your new subscribers to better specify their interests or preferences. For example:

  • Which sports they like the most
  • Which kinds of music they prefer
  • Whether they wish to hear from you daily or weekly
  • etc.

Invisible groups allow you to automatically assign a new subscriber to one or more groups. For example, you could create a group in MailUp called "Subscribed on Facebook", add it to the form as an invisible group, and - therefore - have new subscribers automatically be assigned to it. This will allow you to easily segment in MailUp subscribers that signed up on your Facebook page.

Press the "eye" button to make a group hidden and automatically assign new subscribers to it.

Privacy settings

If you need your new subscribers to agree to your privacy policy at the time of subscription, you can do so by activating the Privacy Policy form element.

By clicking the pencil button you can:

  • enable or disable the feature by making it Active or Inactive
  • edit the text link (ex Privacy Policy)
  • add the link to your privacy policy page. Remember to use a full URL (including the HTTP:// or HTTPS://)

You can edit the first part of the text shown (e.g. "I have reviewed and I agree...") by directly clicking on it, just like with every other text element shown on the form.

Custom response messages and subscribe button

The last part of the settings for your form comes with the Custom Response messages that you can customize as you prefer:

....and the sending button that has the text "subscribe" as default, but it can be also changed


Previewing the form

At any time you can click on the Preview form button to view a preview of the form.

Note that the preview shows how the form will look to visitors to the page tab where it will be hosted, but it does not let you test the form (i.e. if you click on the Subscribe button, nothing happens).

Publishing the form

When everything looks good, click on Publish form to make the form live.

To view what visitors to the page tab will see and test it, refresh the page tab.

Renaming the tab

It is possible to rename the tab, whose default name is Sign Up!.

To do so, navigate to your page and click on Settings in the upper right corner, just below the blue bar at the top.

Click on Apps in the left side menu, then click on Edit Settings below the Mailup App.

Input the name you have chosen in Custom Tab Name field, click Save and then Ok.

That's it! Now your Mailup App tab has a custom name.

Changing the tab image

It is possible to change the image displayed in the "Apps" section on the left side of the Facebook Page, whose default is:

To do so, navigate to your page and click on Settings in the upper right corner, just below the blue bar at the top.

Click on Apps in the left side menu, then click on Edit Settings below the Mailup App.

Click on Change next to Custom tab image.

A new browser tab will open: move the pointer over the image and click on the Edit button that will appear.

Once the upload is finished, close the tab and go back to your Facebook page, where you will see the image you just uploaded.

Removing the App

To remove the MailUp App for Facebook from your Facebook page you simply need to remove its tab.

To do so: navigate to the page and click on Tabs > Manage Tabs

Click on Add or Remove Tabs

Locate the MailUp App and click on the Remove icon. Please note that this cannot be undone. You can certainly add the App later, but you will need to recreate the form.

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