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Using MailUp as a SMTP relay service for transactional emails

Starting with MailUp v8, you can now use your we added the ability for MailUp customers to use their MailUp account as an SMTP relay service.

The service is called SMTP+ and it's included at no additional cost with every MailUp account.


This means that MailUp users can...

  • Send transactional email messages with high deliverability from a Web app or ecommerce store
  • Track open opens and clicks No additional cost: our SMTP relay service is built into your MailUp accounton those messages
  • Manage bounces and feedback loops automatically
  • Add this new sending channel at no additional cost!

Getting set up in just a few clicks

Configuring your MailUp account for use as an SMTP relay service only takes a few clicks.

  • Create a new list
  • Navigate to Settings > List settings > SMTP+
  • Add a SMTP relay user
  • Use those credentials in your application or Web site

Learn more about using MailUp as your high deliverability SMTP server.