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No, there is no charge at this time. You must have a valid MailUp account, however, to send messages through MailUp (except when testing via a MailUp Developer Account or while using a MailUp Free Trial account).

Do I always need a Developer Account


You will need a Developer Account if you wish to use the MailUp REST API. That's because our REST API uses Oauth2 authentication, and therefore your "application" needs to be uniquely identified via API keys (which are provided to you when you create a Developer Account) and authorized to communicate with MailUp. Once the application has been authorized, user authentication is then handled via MailUp account credentials (i.e. the same application can be used by N different users).



No, only in some specific cases described on this page.

What is my List's GUID?

It's a unique identifier for your List. The number identifier (e.g. List 4) is unique to your MailUp account, but not within the MailUp system. The GUID, instead, is unique within the entire MailUp system. You can find the GUID for your lists in the "Codes Table" within your MailUp admin console.


  • You can use one of the existing plugins (e.g. Salesforce) or an integration "hub" like Zapier
  • You can use the MailUp Rest API and developer develop a full-featured integration between the two systems
  • You can use MailUp Webhooks to update the CRM in quasi real-time when something happens on the MailUp side.
  • You can request an automated FTP export and import data into your CRM.