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  • Content area width: set by default to 600px, which is the recommended width for most devices.
  • Background color: it's the newsletter's background color. This setting is effective only for rows where a color has not been specified, inside "Row properties". Otherwise, the background color specified for that content structure will be used.
  • Content area background color: it's the background color for all content areas. This setting is effective only for rows and columns where a color has not been specified.
  • Default font: it's the font used for the whole newsletter. This setting affects all text set to use the default font.
  • Link color: it's the link color. As above, this setting affects all text links set to use the default color.

Undo, redo & history

When designing, you can rewind and fast-forward to any point in your recent edit history. As soon as a change in the message is detected, a compact Undo widget displays in the bottom left corner of the editor.

The widget displays 3 items that correspond to these 3 actions:

  • Undo & Redo arrows that offer the classic pattern to move back and forth between changes.
  • A history icon that expands a timeline of the latest changes, as shown below.

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Save and exit

For each message, you create you can: