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The process of adding a new Profile filter consists of defining one or more conditions that will be used when the filter is applied.

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  • In a Profile filter, set conditions based on Recipient data or Groups
  • You can connect multiple conditions using the Boolean operators AND & OR (e.g. "Age" field must be a number that is more than "35" AND equal to or less than "50")
  • The "Test" drop-down changes depending on the selection made in the "Type" drop-down. For example, the tests that can be done when the "Type" is "Text" are clearly different from the ones that are performed when the "Type" is "Date" or "Number".


In the example below, a business that is using MailUp in connection with an ecommerce store is setting up a filter that looks for customers whose latest order amount was a number between 100 and 500. Two conditions were created using the "Decimal" type and connected using the AND operator. This filter is based on the assumption that a field containing the latest order amount exists in the Recipients Fields.


titleDynamically populating recipient fields


Multiple values profile filters



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