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Unsubscribe options

Adding an unsubscribe link to a MailUp message is extremely easy. You can do so using the corresponding feature in our email editors, or by entering the following in the HTML source code:

Code Block

What happens after the recipients clicks on the unsubscribe link is based on the List settings for that list.

Unsubscribe export

The MailUp system allows you to export unsubscribed recipients (Recipients > Unsubscribed): this list can be exported as an Excel file containing date and time of the unsubscription.

The list of unsubscribers can also be exported via a customized, FTP batch procedure (a setup fee may apply to configure this additional option).

Once a recipient unsubscribes...

Once a recipient has unsubscribed, the following can happen:

  1. You can turn on an email notification in the List settings
  2. You can turn on an email notification to the recipient that just unsubscribed (not recommended and not an email marketing best practice). This is also done in the list settings.
  3. You can search, view, and export unsubscribed recipients in the admin console
  4. You can activate webhooks that can trigger an action in another system (including unsubscribing the same recipient from another List in MailUp)