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The Developer's Corner is an area of your admin console that will mostly be used by programmers and other technical staff to integrate Web sites websites and applications with MailUp.

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What you find

The Developer's Corner is divided into different areas:


API Keys

Discover the applications that have already been integrated with MailUp, or let us know what you would like to see integrated with into the system.

If you are a developer and wish to integrate your own Web site or application with MailUp:

Codes table

The Codes table contains the IDs of Lists, Groups, and Recipient Fields which you will need when retrieving or updating information in MailUp via forms and/or the API.

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 Web services

Here you can retrieve your MailUp SOAP API credentials, enable the API, turn on/off IP authentication, and enable/disable specific Web services.

These credentials are not needed for the REST API, which uses different authentication.


This new feature allows you to view existing webhooks and edit them, as well as to create a new one. 


The troubleshooting page gives access to mailing log for email, SMS, and fax mailings.


The page Fix URL allows you to see and/or modify Tracking URL.