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DescriptionReturn the lists that are visible for authenticated user. If an existing list is not returned it is likely that the MailUp specified with the API is not enabled to see that list. Users with administrators grants can change this setting using the admin console account (i.e. the web application)
ReferenceGo to automated doc
JSON request (example)none
JSON response (example)
Code Block
  "IsPaginated": false,
  "Items": [
      "Company": "",
      "Description": "",
      "IdList": 23,
      "ListGuid": "2bb7ad3d-6f4f-4526-b35f-aea9e912097f",
      "Name": "New Arrivals"
      "Company": "",
      "Description": "Iscritti alla newsletter. Si possono creare infinite liste, ad esempio per tipologie di newsletter, per società...",
      "IdList": 1,
      "ListGuid": "aafa5375-bcf1-4e06-965a-e3a98b626156",
      "Name": "Newsletter"
  "PageNumber": 0,
  "PageSize": 20,
  "Skipped": 0,
  "TotalElementsCount": 6
Paging and filtering (example)

5 items per page, get first page (count starts from zero)

Retreive the list(s) whose name exactly matches the string 'Newsletter' using filterby="Name=='Newsletter'" then sort them by ID with orderby="idList desc". Parameter names can be retreived from the response body. Please note that filter matching is case sensitive.

Please note that also filtering with "Contains" is allowed but == is much more performing.