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  • Message header: enables or disables a header that will be added to all the SMTP+ messages in the list
  • Message footer: enables or disables a footer that will be added to all the SMTP+ messages in the list
  • Set as default settings: if enabled, this feature uses the settings for this list as default settings when creating a new list
  • Open tracking: enables/disables open tracking. Opens are tracked when the user views the message, giving you a real-time statistical tool.
  • Click tracking: enables/disables link tracking, i.e. the tracking of whether the recipients click on the link in the message or not.
  • Unsubscribe settings: allows you to go straight to the page in which you edit the unsubscription options, i.e. you choose the method recipients will use to unsubscribe from your newsletters.



SMTP+ options apply to all SMTP+ users and are list-specific. If you have within your team different users that work within different lists, you will need to create a SMTP+ user for each list

titleUsing a reply-to address different from the sender address

The use, inside the header of messages sent with SMTP+, of a reply-to address different from the FROM email address must be enabled by MailUp. If you need this, please contact our support team by writing an email to


Custom configurations for developers