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MailUpSend allows you to replicate - outside of the MailUp admin console - many of the common tasks that are typically performed within the MailUp admin console.

The service is available at the following locations (the WebService is accessible through the SOAP protocol):

The corresponding WSDL is available at the following location:


MailUpSend vs. SMTP+

When it is better to use the MailUpSend Web service, and when does it make more sense to use SMTP+, MailUp's SMTP relay service? Here is a quick comparison.


Recommended when...

  • You need to replicate the most common functionality of the MailUp admin console, outside of MailUp (e.g. creating a message and sending it)
  • You want to import data and schedule a mailing with a single call: the CSV can contain hundreds of thousands of addresses
  • You wish to use dynamic tags, dynamic content, and other advanced features

Recommended when...

  • You are sending transactional emails
  • You need to rapidly integrate an external system with MailUp
  • You want to use MailUp as a high-deliverability SMTP service (e.g. from desktop email clients like Outlook)




"Login" method was removed from this document and is to be considered deprecated starting from MailUp release 7.4. It was replaced by LoginFromId method. If you are still using Login, don't worry: Login method is still available, even if not recommended for new integrations, and returns a response that is equal to the one that is returned by LoginFromId. Signature of old Login method is string Login(string user, string pwd, string url), where URL is the console URL without http://