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Continue with the import process and click on Next step.

Sending the confirmation request


After recipients have been imported, the confirmation request


email will be sent automatically.

What happens next

  • Users who had already subscribed will not receive the confirmation request.
  • Users who had already unsubscribed will not receive the confirmation request.
  • Users who don't click on the confirmation link will remain "pending" and will not receive any additional communication from you unless they confirm their subscription
  • Users who click to confirm their subscription will be included as subscribers and added to the group chosen during the import process.
  • In the case of a new import, contacts already in the Pending list will not receive any further messages, unless the option "Process Pending Contacts Too" (in the advanced options for the import) is used.
    • As always, you should TEST the mailing of the subscription request message before sending it.
    • The consent request must be a non-commercial communication and must clearly indicate what it is and what the consequences of subscribing are (e.g. "You will typically receive 1 e-mail message from us per month.").