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FTP-based data synchronizations are not available by default (additional charges will apply), contact your account manager to receive a quotation.

In order to have a data synchronization set up, you need to have an active MailUp account (not a free trial).

Should In case you need any further information or custom integrations, please do not hesitate to contact your account managersales representative.

This export type displays the statistical data about SMS channel related to one or more Mailup lists in a certain time frame.

The eventual layout is partly configurable.

What data is to be included in the report

The CSV report will report as many rows as many were the actions taken by a recipient towards a certain SMS campaign.  In details this report provide the change of the delivery state of every SMS messages sent registered in the choosen timeframe 

You can set the instance to generate reports that contains one or more of the following data except for the mobile number, the MailUp list id, the numeric identifier of the sent SMS message, the sending date of the SMS message, the date of the delivery receipt and the delivery status of the SMS message, which are mandatory columns/values that will always be displayed in the report


Header Display Name





mobile phone number of the recipient


MailUp list id


Unique identifier of the MailUp list from which the SMS message was sent and where the statistical data are registered


SMS numeric id


Unique identifier of the of the MailUp SMS Message that was sent 


Date sent SMS


The date when the SMS message was sent


Result dateidInvioThe date when the delivery receipt provided by the mobile phone service provider is communicate to MailUp.20



The delivery state of the SMS Message. 
The delivery of an SMS change based on the delivery receipt that the the mobile phone service provider possibly provides MailUp with,

Values are:

  • 0 Delivered: The message was successfully delivered to the recipient's mobile device, although not necessarily seen.

  • 1 Pending, no receipt has been received.
    he delivery process is in progress with the mobile operator, or may have stalled for some reason, which could include the recipient not having a phone signal, network issues, an issue with their subscription, or their phone is simply switched off
  • 2 Failure, the mobile operator isn't able to deliver the SMS message to the recipient's mobile device
    The message could have been blocked by the operator’s spam filters, the number may not exist, or the recipient’s subscription may have been suspended for some reason, or the mobile device has not been accessible for the maximum validity period defined by the mobile operator

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
Detail of the delivery report (DLR)reason

The detail of the Delivery Receipt.

Reason codes are built following this schema:


  • DELIVRD_AG_000
  • REJECTD_AG_004
Subject of the SMS messagesubjectSubject of the MailUp SMS MessageOggetto con cui ho salvato l'SMS su MailUp
Recipient fields 
Data saved in the recipients personal data fields. You can select those of your interest to the report


It is required to export Mobile, MailUp list id, SMS numeric idDate sent SMS, Result date, Status, Detail of the delivery report (DLR) for each event

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titleReport CSV

It is required to export Mobile, MailUp list id, SMS numeric idDate sent SMS, Result date, Status and a recipient field  (the recipient field 12 that in your business case store the customer code defined in your CRM and provided to MailUp by your CRM) for each event

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titleReport CSV

Environments and export timeframe

You can define which MailUp lists you want to extract data from and the extraction period.

Extraction period is the timeframe which the report refers.
Usually you can configure an Instance to generate report containing:

  • all events arose in the last 24 hours for the MailUp lists you have indicated
  • all events arose from the last export executed for the MailUp lists you have indicated

DLR (DeLivery Receipt)

Delivery Receipt (or DeLivery Reporting) is a feature of SMS MT that reports back on the delivery status of every SMS message that has been sent.

A DLR is generated when the recipient mobile device acknowledges that it has received the message.

MailUp will receive DLR from the mobile phone service provider which the recipient mobile device is served.

Based on the DLR received the delivery status of a sent SMS message can be changed ever days after sending it.ù

Here it is possible find more detail about possible causes of missing delivery 

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