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  • MailUp API is off;
  • username and/or password are incorrect;
  • the IP address of the third party application has changed since the last successful access. The IP address can be manually changed in the MailUp console.

WS_MailUpImport web service requires for every call an authentication via username and password; credentials must be passed in the header of the SOAP message.



<Authentication xmlns="">


Security warning: in the current release of the system the passed credentials are not cryptographic


Error codes

ReturnCode possible values in case authentication fails are shown below:

-1000 unrecognized error
-1001 the account is not valid
-1002 the password is not valid
-1003 suspended account
-1004 inactive account
-1005 expired account
-1006 the web service is not enabled
-1007 the web service is not active
-1011 IP is not registered
-1012 IP is registered but has the "deny access" flag

All the methods requiring idList e listGuid at input, execute a check on the input values and return one of the following:

-100 unrecognized error
-101 verification failed
-102 list Guid format is not valid


MailUp customer: a company/business subscribing to the MailUp service