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titleAPI keys & developer accounts in a nutshell
  • If you want to access the standard resources of the MailUp REST API, you need a pair of API keys.
  • First get the API keys from the Settings > Advanced settings > Developer's corner > API keys page. If this page is not accessible to your admin account, you may request a separate developer account to perform this task.
  • Then access to MailUp REST API by specifying both the API keys and the MailUp account credentials (Authenticating with OAuth v2)


Update Nov 2017: API keys can be created through the main account, so the activation of a developer account is no more mandatory. You have to activate it only if you really need it (see use cases at the bottom of this page). 




Table of Contents

What are API keys?

In order to To use MailUp REST API, first, you need to create an app. MailUp REST API accepts connections only from apps (i.e. client applications) that are pre-registered through the MailUp web interface. During this registration process, "Client ID" and "Client Secret" keys (aka API keys) are returned*.

Regardless you are developing an integration for your own purpose or you would like to distribute it as a generic connector, you need these keys to authenticate with MailUp REST API.

  • MailUp requires app keys to check which apps are associated to with a certain account, with the possibility to ban an any app that is not compliant with the MailUp policy.
  • An app is not tightly related to a specific MailUp account, you may create an app and use it with any account
  • To link your app to a MailUp account you have to login log in to REST API by specifying both the API keys and the account credentials

You don't need API keys if your integration is based only on SMTP+, transactional API, SOAP API, or others. 

*That's because our REST API uses OAuth2 authentication, and therefore your "application" needs to be uniquely identified via API keys and authorized to communicate with MailUp. Once the application has been authorized, user authentication is then handled via MailUp account credentials (i.e. the same application can be used by N different users). 

How do I get the API keys for my app?

MailUp allows access to a dedicated page that allows you to create an app ang and get its API keys.  

  1. Log in to MailUp with an "admin" account, 
    1. then go to Settings > Advanced settings > Developer's corner > API keys**
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  2. After pressing "New keys", you will be asked to specify the following 
    1. the application name (very important in case of connectors you want to share with others)
    2. the application description (i.e. its purpose, mandatory for featured apps in the integrations catalog)
    3. the developer name (the name or the email address of a reference person)
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  3. Finally, press "Request keys" and you will be redirected to a list of apps that also shows the corresponding keys.Image Removed

**If you have a whitelabel Whitelabel account, you won't have access to this page. In this case, you must request a "developer" MailUp account and get the keys using it. As stated in the previous paragraph, API keys are not tied to a specific MailUp account, so you are free to use them with an account that is not the one you used to create them

Why are application keys separate from account credentials?

Because the system is set up to allow for a scenario where the same application is used by many MailUp users.


What's a MailUp Developer Account?

As a developer of an integration with MailUp, you may need a separate account (aka "developer account") in these cases:

Use caseHow to get a new developer account

Your main account is already in production and you need a separate environment (staging) where you can test future versions of your application

Select "Create a developer account to get started" on the bottom of Settings > Account settings > Integrations.
In the "Company" form field, please provide the same name as you provided for the main account, together with the ID of your main account (e.g. "Acme Ltd. m1234")

To get the API keys if your main MailUp account does not provide this option (i.e. it's a whitelabel Whitelabel account)

Please fill in this request form

In the "Company" form field, please provide the same name as you provided for the main account, together with the ID of your main account (e.g. "Acme Ltd. m1234")

You are a system integrator (i.e. not a MailUp customer) who wants to develop a connector between MailUp and a third party commercial platformPlease fill in this request form 


Usage and restrictions: they do have sending limitations like free trial accounts and they are not for use in a production environment.  

Submitting your app

If you have developed an integration with MailUp and want it to be featured inside our integrations catalog, please submit it for review by writing an email to with the following information: