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2013-10-10 Version 1.1 updates

by MailUp Dev Team

Version 1.1 has been updated with two new methods:
  • GET - Console/List/{id_List}/Recipient/{id_Recipient}/Groups: to retrieve the list of the groups in which the specified recipient has been subscribed
  • GET - Console/List/{id_List}/Archived/Emails: to get the list of the archived emails in the specified list

2013-10-10 Version 1.1 has been released

by MailUp Dev Team

Version 1.1 has been officially released (see change log) and 

 has been removed. Online documentation is now updated.

2013-07-25 Filtering and ordering coming in v1.1 

by MailUp Dev Team

How the REST API is evolving

We're already at work on a new version of the REST API.

Version 1.0 of the MailUp REST API is already being used in some integrations, including the MailUp App for Salesforce. We are still optimizing it for big volumes of data (this is the main reason for the

 tag) and, at the same time, we are working to introduce additional filtering, paging, and ordering capabilities in version "1.1".

Some changes in the API related to these new features will affect backward compatibility, and therefore version 1.1 will be released with a different endpoint.

Expected release date for v1.1 is some time in September 2013. When version 1.1 is released:

  • The MailUp REST API will be OUT OF BETA for both versions 1.0 and 1.1
  • If you are using version 1.0, you will be able to continue using it
  • Migrating to v1.1 is recommended if you want to benefit from the new features

We don't expect that you will be frequently asked to switch endpoint: please consider this as a rare case that is due to the young age of the MailUp REST API project. Future improvements are expected to be applied to version 1.1 without backward compatibility problems.

New features in v1.1

Here is a list of new features that will be available in v1.1:

  • Get requests: all the HTTP GET requests that return a collection of items will have a total counter and pagination info alongside with the Items collection itself;
  • Default pagination values: all the requests that return a collection of items will be paginated by default with a page size of 20…no more entire collection by default,
  • Entire collection: if you want the entire collection you’ll have to setup a particular value for pageSize or pageNumber;
  • Ordering: with the new release it will be possible to specify complex ordering filters on multiple fields and - if needed - different sorting directions (ex. order by=” id, category-id desc; title asc ”)
  • Filtering: new complex query parser will be added to allow developers to filter collections “as they wish” (ex. filter by=”  [idColor==’Blue’ || idColor.Contains(‘Azure’)] && [id <= 30 && id != 10] ”)

2013-07-15 Documentation of REST API v1.0 officially released 

by MailUp Dev Team

The MailUp REST API documentation is now public.