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If you did not find what you were looking for in our directory of  ready-to-go integrations you should follow the four steps listed below.


I. Plan your integration

Start choosing the use cases that better fit your needs and then select a technical solution that covers your requirements


. You can use a mix different solutions





For each use case listed


on Use Cases and recommended methods


, there may be


more than one technical solution available: each one is slightly different from the others in terms of features, scalability or something else.


A broad comparison matrix  for available technical solutions is available here.

II. Check requirements

In some cases the chosen solution may require additional options that you do access to features or level of access that your account may not have at the moment (e.g. restrictions on number of recipients for trial users or access denied to features that are available only with marketing+ option...) or . For example, your account may be restricted due to a free trial status, or you may need the setup of a batch process (e.g. FTP based integration need integrations require a specific setup by MailUp our support department).Please contact us if you need additional options or the configuration of a batch processget stuck or need a special configuration.



Use sample code

Are you a developer? Some API pages provide code snippets or examples of input/output parameters. It is recommended that you check them out in order to get familiar with available API methods. For example:

IV. Build your



Assuming that you're familiar with MailUp terminology, at this point you can start building your application.

Time to get started!