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In recent years we have witnessed a progressive deprecation by the main browsers of http links, often highlighted as "unsafe".

With the imminent introduction of version 88, Google Chrome will permanently block links from http addresses, thus preventing you from accessing and downloading content such as images, audio, video, and text. The same behavior will also occur on Microsoft Edge and all Chromium-based browsers.

How does it work now on the platform?

On MailUp we are completing the process by which the links contained in the messages and pointing to platform resources will all be in https.

Many activities have already been done and we plan to complete them by January 2021.

We will not intervene on messages already created by our customers, so we invite you to pay attention to:

  • links in http to resources external to MailUp (images, documents ..) for which you have disabled the tracking of clicks by MailUp. They could be blocked. We recommend that you enable tracking or replace them with URLs in https;
  • footer containing images or links in http. If links and images are blocked, proceed with the update.
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