To add a new Task, click on Automation > Tasks > New

We suggest to work with automated messages in three steps:

  1. set a new automated message
  2. simulate the sending
  3. run the automated message

The task creation page is divided into 4 sections.

General information

On the top area of the page, you can specify:

Activation Frequency

Next, specify the frequency with which the system will check whether the action specified later in the "action" tab should be performed.

Check conditions: at a specific time (e.g. at 0.00) or every 4, 8, or 12 hours

Repeat: let the platform repeat Check conditions daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

If you're setting up a triggered message, frequency refers to the interval at which the triggered message is run. You are not setting how often the message will be sent. You are indicating how often you wish the system to check whether the message should be sent. The message will then be sent if the event it triggers occurs. That is: if the conditions that you specify under the Condition tab are found to be true.

With Limitations you can set the limitations to the Check condition and Repeat previously set:


In the Condition tab, you can set which users will receive the automatic sending according to different parameters.

In general:

 The options that you can configure in the Condition tab are:

You can also define whether the system should or shouldn't send the same message:

The bottom part of the page allows you to further restrict the applicability of the task.

You can:

  1. Include one or more groups.
  2. Exclude one or more groups.

This feature is useful when creating "waterfall" campaigns. For example: 

      3. Finally, the function Apply these additional filters makes it possible to define the customers' target with more precision. It allows you to select other filters to apply when running an automatic sending. For example, if the automatic sending requires the use of two profile filters, you can apply the first filter at the top of the page and under When the profile filter is true and then select the second filter in the Apply these additional filters.


Finally, you need to specify what happens if the Conditions that have been checked are all true. The options are:

  1. send email
  2. send SMS
  3. segment automatically

If the action is  sending an email or text message, you can set the sender information and deliver that message to your recipients.

The area After sending the message allows you to automatically assign the recipient to a group after you send the message. This function is particularly useful in the construction of multi-message  or "waterfall" campaigns. 

If the After sending a message is set to Do nothing, you can configure the system to: