This web service allows to map in MailUp - using groups and lists - the recipients contained in a third party application, and also allows the external system to access the sending details of MailUp mailings. So MailUp can handle the segmentation of recipients already existent in the third party system, as well as sendings to recipients subscribed to multiple lists.


WS_MailUpImport checks the following parameters in order to authenticate requests:

*different from the credentials used to access the console


Authentication fails if:


MailUp customer: a company/business subscribing to the MailUp service

Console URL / NL_URL: MailUp defines a dedicated URL for each customer. For this reason, external systems must know the exact URL to which to send the request (e.g. http://mailing.firstcompany.com/Services/WSMailup.asmx)

WS_MailUpImport: a web Service designed to import recipients from a third party application

MailUp API Account: a specific account for web services, made of a username and a password. It is automatically created when a new MailUp account is created for a new customer, while for existing customers it is manually created via the MailUp console. 

WS: web service