The MailUp Extension for Magento (MailUp_MailUpSync [DISCONTINUED] - free download) allows you to leverage the powerful MailUp email messaging system from your Magento-powered eCommerce store.

Using the MailUp Extension for Magento

Magento has announced that they'd stop supporting the Magento 1.x platform, and has finally sunset the version 1 on June 2020. More info here.

Following this announcement, we have stopped supporting our integration with Magento 1 as well. 

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Features summary

The MailUp extension for Magento includes the following features:

System Requirements

The MailUp email marketing extension for Magento supports both the community and enterprise editions of Magento. The following versions are currently supported:

Make sure that the Web server hosting the store supports the Magento system requirements. We strongly recommend that memory_limit is set to 512MB or higher.