Message automation in MailUp

MailUp includes many tools that allow you to send automated messages when certain conditions occur.

You can leverage email automation for all sorts of tasks related to your Magento-powered ecommerce store:

Please see: Triggered messages

Triggered messages

Since through the MailUp Extension for Magento key data is transferred regularly from your Magento-powered store to your MailUp account, you can leverage that data to send automated, targeted message to your customers.

Leveraging triggered messages to boost sales

For example, let's say that you wanted to follow-up after a purchase with an incentive for an existing customer to come back to the store,

You could isolate customers that have purchased over $100 and whose latest order was 30 days ago.

You can then have MailUp check for all recipients for whom these conditions are true (e.g. once a day), and send a specific message to them.

For details on how to set up a triggered message, please see: Add New Triggered Message

Adding dynamic product recommendations to automated emails

You can make your triggered messages even more effective by adding dynamic product recommendations to them.

We partnered with 4-Tell to make this quick and easy for you. The folks at 4-Tell use proprietary technology to extract and analyze data directly from your Magento store, and use it to feed dynamic product recommendations into your MailUp-powered email messages.


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