Using MailUp with your Magento-powered ecommerce store ensures a high level of deliverability for your emails, and allows you to take advantage of the advanced messaging features included in MailUp. Install the MailUp extension, and you will be able to run professional email marketing campaigns by easily filtering customers and seamlessly passing the data to MailUp, which will handle the sending and tracking of the messages. You will also be able to schedule automatic exports of sales data to your MailUp account, and setup automatic, triggered messages that will be sent out when certain scenarios occur (more about triggered messages in MailUp).

The MailUp extension for Magento is available free of charge on Magento Connect: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/marketing/email-marketing/mailup.html

The MailUp Extension for Magento requires a MailUp account version 8.2.1 or above. If you are not already a customer, sign up for a free trial! If you are an existing customer, but have a version older than 8.2.1, please contact us.

Using the MailUp Extension for Magento

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Features summary

The MailUp extensions for Magento includes the following features (and we keep improving it):

MailUp for Magento

System Requirements

The MailUp email marketing extension for Magento supports both the community and enterprise editions of Magento. The following versions are currently supported:


Make sure that the Web server hosting the store supports the Magento system requirements. We strongly recommend that memory_limit is set to 512MB or higher.