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The WebService is accessible through the SOAP protocol


Login method

Checks the provided credentials and returns the accessKey to be used to call all the other methods.

URL field must be inserted specifying the third level domain of the console (es. abcd.s02.com); the call returns an error if the complete URL is inserted (e.g.http://abcd.s02.com/).
Login method is to be considered deprecated starting from MailUp release 7.4: LoginFromId is the recommended method. See below for details.

Once the accuracy of the inserted data has been checked, a LoginResult string containing the outcome of the operation is returned, and in case of successful login, it will also contain the accessKey to be used to call all the other methods.

Sample LoginResult response


Sample LoginFromId code

See this page

LoginFromId method

This method is available only from MailUp release 7.4 and it's very similar to the previous one (Login) but it allows to specify an account ID instead of a console URL. The main benefit lies in the fact that a URL limits the use of the infrastructure, whereas a fixed reference like the console ID makes it easier to move the administration console on a higher-performing hardware, if needed. There would be little or no malfunction, as the customer's applications would keep on working after the operation.

Logout method

Deletes the accessKey from the list, so that it can be no longer used. In case the method is not called, the accessKey remains active for 60 minutes.string Logout(string accessKey)

Sample LogoutResult response